Galadrielle of Mill Cave--SOLD

Teunis 332 x Leona C.
Breed: Friesian
Gender: Mare
Style: Baroque
YOB: 2002
Height: 170 cm 16.3 hands
Color: Black
Registered: FPS Ster
Registration Number: 200244780
Bred to: Open
Sale Price: $15,500--reduced


More Information:

 This dramatically beautiful mare perfectly characterizes the excitement and fantasy of the Friesian breed. She is extremely imposing, yet very sweet and affectionate. She is one of the larger Friesian mares around, yet gentle as a lamb. Corum Replica Watches She has great forward movement and fluid motion, and is yet smooth as silk. She has been ridden for 5 months and is ready to be trained in whatever discipline one chooses. She was trained in western riding, but is very quick to learn whatever one wishes her to do. Her price has been drastically reduced for a replicas relojes quick sale. We have too many horses! We are absolutely sure there is no finer horse for sale anywhere near her price.

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Pedigree Information:

          Hearke stb + pref
      Gerlof 294 stb    
          Hendrina stb ster
  Teunis 332 stb        
                  Lammert stb
  Gertruda stb ster + pref    
Galadrielle of Mill Cave--SOLD
      Waltrude stb ster
      Sander stb
  Lukas stb    
          Aaf stb ster
  Leona C. stb ster        
          Tjimme stb
      Meike stb ster    
          Fannie stb

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